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Click here for a booklet from the Association of Child Psychotherapists explaining how psychotherapy works.


How much does it cost?

The initial phone call will be free. During this we will discuss the fee for a first consultation appointment, which will usually take an hour and a quarter. Fees for subsequent sessions will be jointly agreed during the consultation.


Is therapy confidential?

I will keep the information shared in sessions private and confidential but it is up to the young person what they share with family or friends. The only time I would share information is if I was worried about a child or young person’s safety in which case I would need to inform their parent(s) and potentially other professionals. I would always let the young person know about this.


How long does therapy go on for?


Sometimes a short term intervention is enough to help a child, young person or parent feel less stuck and to get on with living their lives in the way they would hope to. Other times longer term work is needed. Usually this can be established and agreed during the assessment process. If we decide together that longer term work would be helpful we will regularly review the aims of the treatment and how it is progressing as we go along.

My Approach
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