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My Approach

Please get in touch by email and we can make a time to speak to discuss your concerns. If I think I can help we can arrange to meet for an initial appointment. The aim of this first appointment would be to hear about your concerns in more detail and to gather a developmental and family history. Sometimes an initial consultation or two may be enough to help things feel less stuck. Other times psychotherapy may be indicated.

A thorough assessment for psychotherapy is very important. Sometimes work with parents or parents and children together feels like the most helpful approach. Other times we may decide together that a child or young person would benefit from having a space on their own.


Typically an assessment for psychotherapy would involve myself meeting with the child or young person on their own for 3 weekly individual sessions and then a review session with parents to discuss how it has gone and to make a treatment plan. The aim of the assessment sessions would be for the child or young person to get an idea of what it would feel like coming and for me to get an idea of whether I think this kind of treatment could work for them.


In the review meeting we would have the opportunity to reach a shared understanding on the right way forward. If it doesn’t feel that psychotherapy is the right fit, or I am not the right person, I can signpost you to other services or different treatments.

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